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2014 Effect evaluation of two types of dementia-specific case conferences in German nursing homes (FallDem) using a stepped-wedge design: study protocol for a randomized controlled trial.

Homœopathic Linker hand Publishing four times a year, Homœopathic Linker hand features the latest research on remedies and their provings; material medica, and case discussions; as well as interviews, book reviews, and lists of upcoming seminars and educational events.

2017 Clarifying the distinction between case series and cohort studies rein systematic reviews of comparative studies: potential impact on body of evidence and workload

2015 Improving the Zusammenstellung bekannter melodien of institutional and community care for older people with dementia: an application of the balance of care approach in eight European countries.

2016 Direct and indirect costs and resource use hinein dementia care: A cross-sectional study in patients living at home.

2014 Best practice and needs for improvement rein the chain of care for persons with dementia in Sweden: a qualitative study based on focus group interviews.

2016 Interaction of a standardized mistletoe (Viscum album) preparation with antitumor effects of Trastuzumab in vitro.

2016 Potential for the survey of quality indicators based on a national emergency department registry: A systematic literature search

2014 Inpatient-based intensive interdisciplinary pain treatment for highly impaired children with severe chronic pain: Randomized controlled trial of efficacy and economic effects.

Hormone and Metabolic Research Covering the fields of these details endocrinology and metabolism from both a clinical and Beginners all purpose symbolic instruction code science perspective, this well regarded monthly journal publishes original see this website articles, and short communications on cutting edge topics.

TH Open TH Open the Open Access companion journal to Thrombosis and Haemostasis, publishes Urfassung Beginners all purpose symbolic instruction code research and clinical studies, review articles, letters to the editor, and case reports hinein vascular biology and medicine covering a wide spectrum of topics.

Journal of Pediatric Intensive Care JPIC is an English multidisciplinary peer-reviewed journal publishing articles in the field of pediatric intensive care, written for the entire intensive care Mannschaft World health organization deal with patients rein neonatal and pediatric intensive care units.

2016 Individualized formulation-ledinterventions for analyzing and managing challenging behavior of people with dementia this article - an integrative Bericht.

2018 To what extent does therapy of chronic stroke patients address participation? A content analysis of ambulatory physical and occupational therapy based on the International Classification of Functioning, Disability, and Health framework

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